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Flinders Column On-line

For many years it has been a goal of the Society to make our collection available on-line to reach a world-wide audience. Our facebook page and website have gone a small way towards achieving this goal, but we are limited by a lack of volunteers to assist in digitising what is at present a very non-digital collection.

We would welcome assistance in this task. Volunteer

Nevertheless, progress continues and today we can announce that the earliest of the society’s newsletters, from 1978, are now available on our website and we hope to add many more in the future. Look for the “Publications” menu on our home page and choose “Past Issues of the Flinders Column”, or simply click or tap here

Financial members of the Society will continue to receive regular printed issues of the current Flinders Column, as part of their membership subscription and we will only be publishing bygone issues on-line.

Our next event; “Getting Around in Trucks & Buses”

We all have stories within our families of travel in trucks and buses over the years and within the Hills community many memories revolve around those day to day activities from the past. Come and enjoy our presentation and join the discussion that is bound to ensue.

Our May event will be another popular evening so please RSVP as shown in the flyer below.

ANZAC Commemorations 2022

Please see the details below of our special ANZAC commemoration for this year.

Note that RSVPs are essential and that COVID rules applying to the Coventry Library at the time must be observed.

2022 AGM Invitation

Members are invited to attend our Annual General Meeting where our Principal Researcher, Chris Chardon, will speak about the 100 year history of his family’s connection with the Stirling area.

Please RSVP if attending and remember to abide by the current COVID-19 rules for the venue.

Advance with Courage

Celebrating the launch of the book by Hamish Cooper about the History of the Aldgate CFS, is our current display in the History Centre at the Coventry Library in Stirling

New acquisitions for January 2022

Once again our volunteers continue to catalogue new donations to our archive. Click on the image for a glimpse of just some of the items registered this month to whet your appetite.

Our History Centre in the Coventry Library is open between 2 and 4 on all days that the Library is open, so come and visit us for more local and garden history.

And remember that we depend upon our community to think of us when historical items are discovered, so if you are taking the opportunity of holidays to have a clean out and you come across something you think may be of interest, don’t throw it out, but let us have the chance to see it first. (Unfortunately we don’t have the space for large objects, but any written information, books, letters, photographs, films, slides, articles, etc may be donated).

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

We wish our members and friends all the best for the festive season as we take a short break from staffing our History Centre and Archive at the Coventry Library ourselves.

We will be open again on the 18th January as usual from 2 – 4pm on all days that the Library is open. Please note that on extreme temperature days the History Centre will not be staffed and on declared Catastrophic days, the entire Library building will be closed.

Of course our facebook page and website will continue to keep us all in contact.

We thank The Hut for the photos on this page which were taken at the 2019 Stirling Christmas Pageant.

Christmas is Coming!

And you are invited to participate in our closing event for 2021

Please remember that the COVID rules of the day will apply and you must RSVP as requested.

New items at the History Centre

If you have not visited our History Centre and Archive in the Coventry Library in recent times (and many haven’t for reasons we all know about), here is a quick glimpse of some of the new items which have arrived and been catalogued by our hard-working volunteers during September.

Many thanks to all of the people who donate the historical items which continue to expand our collection and provide a wonderful resource for historians, not just locally but worldwide via our digital presence.