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All text and images in our Gateways section are gratefully acknowledged here or in the relevant article, unless unknown.

MLDHS is the Mount Lofty Districts Historical Society Inc.

NAA is the National Archives of Australia

SLSA is the State Library of South Australia

SAHH is the SA History Hub


Gateways Introduction 

  • Image: SLSA 19422

Gateways Topics

  • War, Peace & Memorials; Image: Karen Agutter
  • Learning & Education; Image: Peter Holderness
  • Church and Community; Image: SLSA B 24340
  • Sport & Recreation; Image: Peter Holderness
  • The Built Environment; Image: Karen Agutter
  • People & Their Places; Image: MLDHS  832-5
  • Our Parks & Gardens; Image: Karen Agutter
  • The Natural Environment; Image: Peter Holderness
  • First Peoples of the Region; in preparation
  • Business & Industry; Image: SLSA B 24340
  • Travel & Transport; Image: Luigi Rossi, Project Manager
  • Towns & Localities; Image: unknown
  • Our Migrant Heritage; Image: SAHH
  • Our Latest Acquisitions; Image: Rod Kemp

War, Peace and Memorials 

  • Images: Karen Agutter, MLDHS Collection, NAA
  • Text: Karen Agutter

Education and Learning

  • Images: Chris Chardon, Peter Holderness
  • Text: Chris Chardon, Ann Herraman

Church and Community

  • Images: State Library of SA, Rod Kemp, MLDHS Collection
  • Text: Karen Agutter,

Sport and Recreation

  • Images: Peter Holderness, MLDHS Collection
  • Text: Chris Chardon, Karen Agutter, 

The Built Environment

  • Images: Karen Agutter, Rod Kemp
  • Text: Rod Kemp

People & Their Places

  • Images: MLDHS Collection
  • Text: Karen Agutter, Ann Herraman, 

Gardens & Gardeners

  • Images: Karen Agutter
  • Text: Karen Agutter

The Natural Environment

  • Images: Peter Holderness
  • Text: 

First Peoples of the Region

  • Images: 
  • Text: 

Business & Industry

  • Images: State Library of SA
  • Text: Karen Agutter

Transport & Travel

  • Images: Luigi Rossi
  • Text: Ann Herraman

Towns & Localities

  • Images: 
  • Text: 

Our Migrant Heritage

Our Latest Acquisitions

Images: Jackie Mussared

Text: Jackie Mussared

Art & Music

Coventry’s Corner

Images: Liz Hansman, Flikr “Contemplari”

Text: Liz Hansman