Past Issues of the “Flinders Column”

Financial members of the Society receive regular issues of our principal publication, the “Flinders Column”, as part of their membership subscription.

The Society has now generously determined that some past issues will be made freely available to the public via this page.

The earliest issues were known as the “Newsletter” and it was not until Issue 4 that an image of the Flinders Column was first seen. Nevertheless, the Newsletter title remained for many years until in 1991 the first actual “Flinders Column” appeared. Of course the early issues were manually typed and photocopied and will be scanned to create digital images in the first instance. We would love someone to volunteer to transcribe them fully so that they are searchable.

Later issues which are already in digital form will also be made available on an ongoing basis. Check back here from time to time to see which issues have been added.

Newsletter Issue 1
Newsletter Issue 2
Newsletter Issue 3
Newsletter Issue 4
Newsletter Issue 5
Newsletter Issue 6