Welcome to the Mount Lofty Districts Historical Society Inc.

Due to the recently imposed COVID-19 restrictions, our History Centre in the Coventry Library will be closed (as will the Library itself) until further notice. Although you won’t be able to come and see us in person, you can contact us at mldhs@mtloftyhistoricalsociety.org.au or via our facebook page

Mt Lofty Districts Historical Society Centre, Coventry Memorial Library, Stirling.

The Aim of the Society is “to uncover, publish and preserve the history of the Mount Lofty districts”.

The Mount Lofty Districts Historical Society takes its name from Mount Lofty, one of South Australia’s best known landmarks, overlooking the city of Adelaide.

Within these pages you will find a wealth of information about the history of the district which surrounds Mount Lofty and the means to access much more through our History Centre and Archive .

We specialise not only in the history of the local region but also the history of the gardens which were established in this area early in South Australia’s colonisation, thanks to our unique climate.

We have a regular program of events, a monthly display in the Coventry Library, Stirling and an ever growing collection.

Please enjoy our website and don’t hesitate to get in contact or join one of our events.