Regular publications for members

The Flinders Column – the Society’s principal publication for members, published twice a year.

Each issue contains a variety of  information, sometimes celebrating a specific event and at other times offering an unpredictable smorgasbord of local and garden history from our collection and our member’s research.

Regular features include a special back page “Now and Then” from the Society’s archives and the private collections of committee members, and articles ranging from the serious to the quirky.

The Society also assists with the publication of material about the history of the area. These publications form part of the collection at the History Centre; copies of some are also available for purchase (discount for members).

  • Under Mount Lofty
  • Currently out of print and Unavailable to purchase; we suggest you try ebay for second-hand copies which sometimes become available.
  • a comprehensive history of the Stirling district, published in hardcover, by respected historian and academic Robert Martin. This richly informative book, with many fine photographs, was originally published in 1987 by the Stirling Council and launched by Sir Mark Oliphant. A revised and enlarged edition was published by the Council in 1996.
  • Views from the Hills – edited by Robert Martin, this collection of essays was published by the Society in 2001. (out of stock).
  • Stirling – a personal view – by Chris Chardon, this book was published by the Society in 2004 and captures a history of the first 150 years. As an example of local history this volume is unusual and endearing – unusual in the delivery of information, and endearing as an expression of personal passion for a particular place. After ten years of exhaustive investigations the author has lost none of his enthusiasm and has reaffirmed his commitment to the place. A second edition was released in 2011 with new and expanded material and an enlarged index.  This can be purchased from the Society and also from Matilda Bookshop in Stirling.
  • Special “Flinders Column” editions – from time to time we publish special expanded editions of our Flinders Column with a focus on a particular topic.

Currently available for purchase from our History Centre are:

  • issue 133, the Crafers Edition, especially prepared to celebrate 175 years of the gateway township to the Hills, and
  • issue 136, the Stirling Edition