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Eastern Regional History Seminar, 9th – 11th November 2018

Mt Lofty Districts Historical Society Inc.

Eastern Regional History Seminar – November 9th,10th and 11th November 2018.

Coventry Library, Stirling: Cotton Memorial Hall, Mylor: Scott Creek War Memorial Hall, Scott Creek, SA

Hosted by Mt Lofty Districts Historical Society in collaboration with Mylor and Scott Creek, Bradbury and Longwood History Groups


Interested Members of Historical Societies are invited to attend some or all of the activities scheduled during this 3 day event.  The details are attached as links at the bottom of this invitation.  Please RSVP using the Registration Form.


“I am pleased to advise that the Mt Lofty Districts Historical Society Inc. will host the biennial Eastern Regional History Seminar on the 9th, 10th and 11th of November 2018. This biennial gathering will be held in three venues in Stirling, Mylor and Scott Creek with the MLDHS as the lead organization in collaboration with the Mylor and the Scott Creek, Bradbury and Longwood History Groups.

The program has been designed around three themes:- review of the World War One Centenary years and reflection on the aftermath;  the features of small regional towns and communities; and sharing of ideas and strategies to assist program development and future growth of local history groups.

The format of the program is highlighted below. Invitations to each event have been attached. We hope that you will be able to attend all of these events as each will provide greater insight into the great events which have shaped the development of Australia, the responses of local communities and the importance of the work which local history groups and societies undertake on a voluntary basis on a regular basis.

We look forward to your wholehearted participation in this important event. Please contact me if you have any questions. We have also printed a hard copy flyer which will posted shortly to delegates for broader distribution”.

Yours sincerely,

Ann Herraman

Dr Ann Herraman

President, MLDHS

M:  0419 816 490   

Invitation: Remembrance Day Address 9th November 2018 

Invitation & Program: All Day Seminar 10th November 2018

Invitation: Strategies for the Future Workshop 11th November 2018

Registration Form Eastern Regional History Seminar

An update on Koalas and Bears and the rest of 2018

My how time flies!!

It’s time for our next MLDHS event “Talking about Koalas” which is being held on Friday 14 September at 6.30pm for 7.00pm at the Stirling Library.  This promises to be another very informative evening for young and old so you have any young ones in your family please bring them along or invite any parents you know  with young children to bring them along also. This is all part of our marvellous research project about The History of Bears.

Yes we do know that Koalas are NOT Bears – but they do feature in our special History Centre display which includes stories and images about:- Bears in the Wild; The History of the Teddy Bears; the place of Teddy Bears in family life; Teddy Bears as travelling companions; Bears in literature and music; the social role of Snuggle Bears, Welcome Bears and Trauma Bears. So far the display includes 59 Teddy Bears of all ages shapes and sizes and levels of wear and tear. My family Teddy Bear is there – watch out for the one with one eye, one ear and blue socks to cover his battered paws!   Don’t miss it, it is informative and fun! See you there!

PS… and we even discovered South Australia’s very own Bear – “Marty Bear” is in pride of place.

        If you have one then bring him along.

Attached is flyer for this event for your information along with an updated calendar of events for the remainder of 2018.

The History of Bears September and October at the History Centre

Dear Members and everyone,
We wanted to let you all know –

This month and into October, the History Centre is celebrating “The History of Bears”.
We invite you to come into the Library and make your way down into the North/West corner. Is it a forest or a jungle?
You’re sure of a big surprise!
Because there you will find a Teddy Bears’ Picnic!
Whatever are they saying to each other?

You can also find the real History story of “How the Teddy Bear Toy began.” Who could imagine it involved a President of the United States and a gun!
Plus a great deal more. Be sure to read all about it!

You are invited, not only to see the picnic, but also to meet all 8 species of natural bears! Did you know that the Spectacled Bears only live in “deepest, darkest Peru?
Once upon a time,one of them travelled to London and became “Paddington Bear.
And a big Sloth bear from India became the wonderful, singing and dancing Baloo Bear in “The Jungle Book” story, when Mr Rudyard Kipling decided that a Bear would be the best teacher for Mowgli, the mancub.

Of course there is Winnie-the-Pooh to greet you. He comes with a really amazing piece of history,
a true, extra story of how Winnie got his name – from a REAL bear who lived in the London zoo and
was visited often by Christopher Robin and his Dad, Mr Milne who wrote all the stories about Winnie’s adventures.

Bears come in many sizes. Come and meet our “teenager” Kodi, the Kodiak bear. He lives in the coldest part of Alaska and some in his family are as large or larger than Polar bears. Kodi is not fully grown but he is already very tall, standing on his hind legs as lots of bears like to do. See how you measure up against him and our sweet little “Solar” the Sun Bear. Sun bears, from Malaysia are the smallest of the bears.

You will want to find out all about the other bears both natural and toy. People have been bringing their own special Teddy bears to our centre. Some of them are very old (70 years) and others are much newer. They all have interesting histories and some have been so loved they have hardly any fur!

We all love our own teddies. They have given us such joy and comfort in our childhood and beyond. Teddies have become more than just toys. They are symbols of warmth, security, love, cuddles and of feeling happy.
So we have made a special section for Bears which are made and given to children and people to help them feel better, feel a little relief, if they are sick or sad or worried about something. “Snuggle” and “Trauma” bears are ready to help.

Naturally, you can’t have a picnic without games. There is a Teddy Bear Quiz and a Bear Word Scramble. Are you a “Bear of very little brain “like Pooh, or are you a bit more crafty and clever like the Black and Brown bears who learn all kinds of ways to feed themselves? Pick up a quiz to find out!

There is something about Pandas and Polars, and the Pageant; about Zoos and Honey, Hibernation and Heraldry.

We hope you come!
We hope you like it
Because it’s for you.

If you come down to the Library today,
You’re sure of a Big Surprise.
If you come down and be ready to play,
You won’t believe your eyes!
For every bear that ever there was (almost)
Is gathered there for certain because,
This month is the month
That Teddy Bear’s have their picnic.

See you there Teddy Bear!
The Mount Lofty and Districts Historical Society