Do you remember “Wattle Day”?

The 1st September is of course the first day of Spring, but do you know it is also “Wattle Day” in Australia?

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Introducing Coventry’s Corner

Some of you will remember that some time ago we had a Bear Gathering at our History Centre and many special bears brought their owners in to see their friends. Some of the Bears liked it so much that they stayed and have popped up at subsequent events to entertain our younger visitors.

Although our Bears have all been in isolation during the closure of the library, some of them can still be seen through the window.

One of our special Bears is “Coventry”, and we will introduce him to you soon, but in the meantime, we have created a special place on our website for the young at heart which we have called “Coventry’s Corner”.

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Isolation brings out the Writers

Some of our members are finding that isolation is inspiring them to take up past skills, explore new ones, work through the backlog of tasks at home or in this case, write an article for our Gateways or other web pages.

Some of these newly created stories are already online, so make sure that you check out our Gateways topics, including “Gardens & Gardeners”, “War, Peace & Memorials” and “Our Migrant Heritage” to see the stories of our Local or Garden History.

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Reflections in a time of Isolation

In our time of forced isolation due to the COVID-19 virus we might find ourselves reflecting on past times and events and even finding the time to write them down. We welcome your contributions on topics of local or garden history or of general historical interest.

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Here is one memory that surfaced and although it’s not about the Mt Lofty Districts, we offer it for your own reflection. With Cruise Ships seemingly constantly in the news at the present time, one of our members recalls a journey from Australia to England in the 1950s, when the default travel mode was, of course, an ocean voyage.

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History Centre Temporary Closure

In line with recommendations to contain the COVID-19 virus, the Coventry Library which houses our History Centre and Archive is now limiting access to the public until further notice. We have closed the Archive and History Centre until public access is restored to a workable degree. Please refer to our website or facebook page for continuing updates and to participate in our virtual events programme.

The library has alternative arrangements in place for borrowing items. Please see their information here

Christmas & New Year Break

Our last History Centre open day this year will be Friday 13th December and we will be back again on Tuesday 4th February.

In the meantime, come and visit our Christmas Display, outside the History Centre in the Coventry Library featuring Christmas traditions from all around the world and our first ever “Teddies’ Christmas Tree”. (perhaps the first ever anywhere?). The display will be available to view whenever the Library is open

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our members and followers.