New Acquisitions April 2021

Text: Jackie Mussared
Images: Jackie Mussared

A selection of new items added to our archive during April 2021

The Practical Home Gardener

A copy of T R N Lothian’s book ‘The Practical Home Gardener’ was given to MLDHS by the Lothian family. The subtitle is: A Guide to the Cultivation of Plants in Australia, with special details for the Drier Regions.

No: 2582002

CWA and the Good Neighbour Council

A framed document of a Charter of Affiliation between the South Australian CWA & the Good Neighbour Council.

No: 4629001

Communist Party of Australia

Obviously presented during the Cold War, the Call to the People of Australia was prepared by Chief Justices and religious leaders. The writers of the poster were asking for support from the Australian people to ban the Communist Party of Australia in a referendum the Menzies government had put forward. The referendum was defeated. The poster was found in the CWA Hall in 2010.

No: 4628001

Mt Lofty House

Book: Mount Lofty House An Enduring History of Celebration written by David Sly with photographs by Tony Lewis & the State Library of South Australia. The building of the house began in 1852 by Arthur Hardy & was the first gentleman’s residence to be built on the road to Mount Lofty

No: 4623001

The Founders of South Australia

Booklet: The Founders, Theoretical Colonizers & Pioneers which was the inaugural address to the Pioneer’s Club in 1935 by Dr Archibald Grenfell Price. The Pioneer’s Club is now the Pioneers Association of South Australia.

No: 4624001

Mitcham Village Sketchbook

Mitcham Village Sketchbook with drawings by Pamela Oborn and text by Christine Chinner.

No: 4627001

Fossil Remains of Lake Callabonna

Fossil Remains of Lake Callabonna Vol Pt 1 & 2 by E C Stirling & A H C Zietz. This includes the physical features of the lake & a new genus of fossil with a description of the manus & pes of diprotoden australis.

No: 4626001 & 4626002

King William Street

Photocopies of streetscapes of King William Street & North Terrace from the National Library of Australia.

No: 4625001

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