New Acquisitions, March 2021

Text: Jackie Mussared
Images: Jackie Mussared

William Hartley Davey

A large A3 certificate for William Hartley Davey for the contribution he made to the war effort & the coming of peace. The certificate was issued in 1995, 50 years after World War 2 ended. It is signed by Paul Keating as Prime Minister, Con Sciacca as Minister of Veterans’ Affairs & local member Alexander Downer.

No: 4619001

Petticoat Lane

A folder containing the minutes of meetings of the Stirling Child Care Centres Petticoat Lane Committee 1994-1999. The organisations concerned were Stirling East Kindergarten, Bridgewater Kindergarten, Stirling Kindergarten and Hills Community Toy Library. The committee was responsible for the organisation of the Petticoat Lane Market in Druid’s Avenue, Stirling.

No: 4617001

‘Adelaide Hills Gardens’

A beautifully photographed and presented book titled ‘Adelaide Hills Gardens’. The book was published in 2020 and was written by Christine McCabe. The photographs were taken by Simon Griffiths.

No: 4618001

Pauline Elizabeth (Betty) Lewis nee Price

A folder containing notes and research by Jill Wotton on Pauline Elizabeth (Betty) Lewis nee Price (1917-2012). Betty was a passionate environmentalist who was involved with many organisations throughout her life. When her husband Bob retired in 1983 they moved to Mt George where they created a beautiful garden and helped develop the Mt George Conservation Park. She was also involved with St Mark’s College where she had lived as a child when her father was in charge and from 1946 to 1967 her husband was the Vice-Master there.

No: 4620001

Her wedding in 1943

Lace Bonnet

A lace bonnet donated by Tamara Miljanovic. The bonnet was given to her husband but nothing is known about it apart from that.

No: 4621001

Wallpaper Friezes

7 rolls of wallpaper friezes which have been recorded from Mrs Gibbs’ house. These are kept in a box which was donated by Tom Dyster

No: 4622001

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