Text and Images: Liz Hansman

Today on my walk I saw so many different shapes of leaves. And lots of Autumn leaves too.  Here is a picture of just a few. You will find many more leaves with lots of different edges, shapes, textures and colours.

How many can you find?

Can you name the trees from which they fell?

In the photo are gum leaves, oak leaves, a jacaranda leaf, which has lots of smaller leaves together, rose, peach, Manchurian pear, plane tree leaf, (large and crunchy brown), dark red vine leaf.

You could share a picture of leaves you collect from your walk or from your garden!

You could send us a small story about your walk, or what you see in your garden?

We would love to hear from you and so would Coventry and the other bears!

I love looking at leaves. Here are my thoughts today about them.


Some leaves like growing long and thin.

Other leaves go out and in.

Some leaves just think they have the smarts

Because they’re made of several parts!

The best leaves I have ever seen

Prefer to change their colour green.

The leaves that I like best of all

Go red and yellow, then they fall.

And often they go crinkly brown

So Autumn winds will blow them down.

And do you know what happens then?

If I am passing with a friend

We say together with a smile

“Why don’t we stay a little while

And make the leaves into a pile?”

Then, we jump and jump, as children do!

I wonder if you’ll do that too?

Love from Liz