Teddies Autumn Picnic

Text and Images: Liz Hansman

Teddies Autumn Picnic

Here are some of the teddies sitting on a pretty carpet of Autumn leaves.
It is baby bear Caroline Catriona’s birthday. She is sitting in the special purple Birthday Chair.  Her Mother and Father bear thought it would be fun to take an Autumn walk in the park and share a picnic.

All the bears ran about shuffling the leaves with their feet .
The dry leaves made a wonderful crunchy and shushy sound.

At last they sat down together, (but two paws apart).
Uncle Jimmy bear, with his red bow, put out the table cloth.
Dear old Uncle Ted is about to take the delicious food out of the picnic basket.
Can you see Caroline Catriona’s  little brother peeking under the picnic cover?
Her best friend Jennifer Puppet is sitting next to Uncle Jimmy. Jennifer has an autumn leaf on her knee. She will use it like a plate for her food.

Their next-door neighbour, Big Brown Bear is sitting quietly.  Can you see that he put on his new satin necktie especially for the party? He is wondering what is under the picnic basket cover.  What do you think bears might take to a picnic? What do teddies like to eat?

There is also a song about Autumn leaves. All the teddies know this song because they sang it when they went to kindergarten.  Some of you may know the song or you may like to play the notes on your piano or your recorders or guitars.  You could sing the song with the teddies!

This song was written by a lady called Zoe McHenry. She was a clever piano player and song writer and she lived in Australia. She also wrote good songs for children about snails and elephants and lots of other things.
Happy Autumn days everybody!
The Teddies hope you have fun shuffling the leaves too.

If you are walking past the library, have a look through the window furthest to the left and you might see some of them there when they have finished their picnic.