Farewell Marty

Text and Images: Ann Herraman

“Marty” Bear preparing to leave the History Centre

Our “Team Teddies” leader – Marty – has returned to domestic duties. I had a call from his owner – former Managing Director of John Martin’s, Geoffrey Coles, asking if he could collect Marty so that he could return to domestic duties with a new great grandchild. Of course the answer was that Marty was in very good form and condition, had been working very hard as team leader, most recently on Anzac Day service, but would relish the opportunity to engage with a new great grandchild!

On Wednesday last week I packed Marty into a Woollies bag with a bunch of poppies, an Aussie flag and two copies of the Flinders Column in which his activities as Team Leader were highlighted. Geoffrey Coles was very touched by the extent of Marty’s  activities during his time in the History Centre. In fact two years had gone by during which time Geoffrey Coles had been very ill – hence the delay in collecting him. So with some sadness I waved goodbye to Marty.  Rest assured that we still have another Marty Bear. This one is a well-worn model which belongs to one of the Library staff. Marty 2 will step up into a leadership role when the History Centre opens in earnest. Meanwhile Coventry is developing as an energetic and enthusiastic member of the Team.