The Birds and the Bears

Hello! Have you been looking for the Teddies? The Teddies have been very good keeping safe in their Isolation at the  Coventry Library.

Even though they love to play together, as you do too, they know what they must do to keep the virus away! They choose games that keep them and their friends and families safe.
They keep two arm lengths apart, they cough into their elbows, and of course, they always wash their paws.

Here is what they have been doing:
Some love to read books, or play on their computers. Some love to take a walk in the garden and look for beetles and bugs and butterflies.
Teddies love to play football and cricket in the park, or tennis on the courts.

Teddies  have been very busy and very happy looking for all the birds they can see in their gardens or in the parks.

They wonder if you have seen these birds in your garden?
Have you looked closely at the birds you see? Do you know their names?

Here are some pictures of birds you might see in your garden or in the park

Galah, Rainbow Lorikeet, Kookaburra, Blue Wren
Magpie, Noisy Miner, Crested Pigeon, Sulpur-Crested Cockatoo

And here is a Teddy Quiz!

Which bird makes a sound like “laughing”?
Which bird is black and white and makes a sound like gargling your toothpaste and singing at the same time?

Which bird looks like a rainbow and can hide very well in a red bottlebrush tree?

Which bird is big, white  and has a bright yellow crest on its head  and yellow under its wings.It also has a strong beak for holding onto tree branches when it wants to play and swing upside down!

Name the big black-all-over bird which sounds like it is saying “Car, Car Car”?

Which tiny bird is bright , bright blue with some black marks on its head?

Which parrot is pink and grey? Sometimes you see lots of them eating on the grass, or flying together making loud screeching sounds.

Name the shy, soft grey bird with a little perky crest on its head? This bird also makes a whistling, whooshy sound with its wings as it flies off the ground.

This bird makes lots of different noisy calls to its family and friends ! These birds like living  and flying together. They often attack other birds to make them leave the area so they can have the trees and all the food to themselves.

Could you send us a picture of a bird you see in your garden? Ask someone to help you to send it to us here

Love from Liz